# Explanation of Different Builds

In the dist/ directory of the NPM package you will find many different builds of Fuse.js. Here's an overview of the difference between them.

UMD CommonJS ES Module (for bundlers)
Full fuse.js fuse.common.js fuse.esm.js
Basic fuse.basic.js fuse.basic.common.js fuse.basic.esm.js
Full (Production) fuse.min.js - fuse.esm.min.js
Basic (Production) fuse.basic.min.js - fuse.basic.esm.min.js

# Terms

  • Full: Builds that contain standard fuzzy searching, extended searching, and logical query operations. These builds are larger.

  • Basic: Builds that contain only standard fuzzy searching.

  • UMD: UMD builds can be used directly in the browser via a <script> tag. The default file from jsDelivr CDN at https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/fuse.js is the UMD build (fuse.js).

  • CommonJS: CommonJS builds are intended for use with older bundlers like browserify or webpack 1. The file for these bundlers (pkg.main) is the CommonJS build (fuse.common.js).

  • ES Module: Intended for use with modern bundlers like Webpack 2 or Rollup. The file for these bundlers (pkg.module) is the ES Module build (fuse.esm.js).